Thursday, May 9, 2013

John Martin Reservoir  EQUIPMENT LIST
Please label everything!!  We will go over the equipment list at school, but please help your student pack.  Do not pack for your child, because they do not know what they have and don’t if they are not included. Use this checklist to be sure that they are well prepared for this trip.  If you need help locating items on this list, please call us.  We have extra gear that we can lend to students, but need time to get it for you.  It is important for kids to have all items and know where the items are in their bags
Everything on this list is REQUIRED gear for this trip (label everything)
* BIG lunch for first day (packed in plastic grocery sack with name in day backpack)
* Soft pack or duffel for clothing and gear
* Daypack (backpack) for hikes
* WARM sleeping bag
* RAIN GEAR – poncho or raincoat (not water resistant – water PROOF)
* Winter coat, hat, and gloves
   Ground pad (inexpensive high density foam pads are fine) for warmth not comfort
   Layers of clothing for warm to cold weather
·        3 pair long pants, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 pair shorts, 4 t-shirts
·        Fleece jacket  (sweatshirt or wool sweater)
·        Long underwear (some pajamas can serve as long underwear)
·        Something warm and comfy to sleep in (sweats are great)
* 6 pairs of socks –
* Two pairs of sturdy shoes (sneakers and/or boots), sandals
* Boots for mud and/ or snow
* Swimsuit and towel
* Sun hat/cap/visor and a bandanna
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen and lip balm
* FLASHLIGHT with extra batteries
* MESS KIT (unbreakable bowl, plate, spoon, fork, cup in a bag of some sort – nothing fancy!!)each item labeled
* Hairbrush, toothbrush, hand towel, soap, deodorant
* 2 WATER BOTTLES- labeled
Optional: camera, writing/reading materials, one small comfort item (stuffed animal), pillow, fishing gear.  If you bring fishing gear, please make sure you do not bring any knives(often a part of a tackle box).  All fishing gear will stay in vehicles when not being used for fishing.
DO NOT BRING: Gameboys, CD players, iPods, other electronic toys, extra candy or snacks, or cell phones
We could encounter all types of weather.  Warm days turn into cold nights this time of year.  Be prepared with all the gear on the list!

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