Friday, February 1, 2013

Book It! Month

February is BOOK IT! month at the Open School!
For the month of February, we will be hosting an Open School reading challenge called Book It! Here are some highlights of this month-long event:
·       In family groups (so that everyone in the building gets included) we will track our reading in pages. Each family group will have a number of laminated posters where students can record their individual reading.
·       Parents are encouraged to participate! You can donate your pages to your students’ family group. If you have more than one student at the school, you can split your pages in any way you wish. 
·       Each community member will receive a paper pendant to wear if they wish that says “Ask me about my book”. We are hoping this will encourage people to talk to each other about their reading. This is especially important in family groups where younger and older students and adults can all discuss their reading projects with each other.
·       At the end of the month, we will schedule a school-wide event to celebrate our reading success. At this time, we will acknowledge the family group who read the most pages but everyone will be recognized and celebrated!
·       After our reading project is completed, the some books (mostly “how to” manuals, or self help books) to be donated to the Lakota during our yearly Pine Ridge trip. This will help them with a bookmobile project they are working on and will be another positive way we can support our neighbors at Pine Ridge.
·       Book clubs are encouraged! If you love a book, feel free to set up a club to meet before school, after school, or at lunch time.

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