Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Newsletter

Per’s Newsletter for the week of February 1st
Happy Friday everybody!  I hope everybody is feeling ok on this first day of February.  There have been a lot of nasty bugs going around this week and a restful weekend should do us all a lot of good.  There are just a few announcements about the weeks ahead.
-      Next Monday and Tuesday there will be tryouts for actors in the IA movie.  A group of IA students have worked diligently on a script and they are ready to start filming.  Tryouts will be held during lunch on both of those days and anybody in the IA is welcome to tryout.
-      February will be “Book-it” month at the Open School.  “Book-it” is an all school reading challenge where we count up the number of pages that we read each week and total them up at the end of the month for an all school celebration.  Parents are encouraged to record their pages as well so let us know what you read!  If you have more questions, check the “Book-it” flyer that I will have posted on our class website.
Thanks and have a great weekend,

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