Sunday, March 24, 2013

Per’s Newsletter for the week of March 22nd
       Hi Folks, happy Friday.  Well it's finally here, Spring Break, and the kids could not be more deserving of a week off right now.  They have all worked so hard over the last few weeks that a little rest is well deserved.  And we ended this last week before break with a bang.  We put on our second and last (for this year) IA community circle.  Everybody played some part in putting together a fantastic demonstration of learning and what it means to be part of our community.  We saw today what self direction can really achieve as the kids put together this show with little help from me or any other adults, and I couldn’t be more proud of what they were able to do.  Nice work everyone! 
       Only a few announcements and then I’ll let you all enjoy your week off.
 -All 5th graders need to have their permission slips for the Growing and Changing unit in no later than Wednesday April 3rd
-All independent plant study projects should be ready by April 11th.
Thanks and have a great break,

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