Friday, November 30, 2012

Per’s Newsletter for the week of November 26th
Happy Friday everybody!  I hope this last week of November has treated you well.  Here at JCOS we started the first week back from break with a bang.  Our trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was a huge success and we all great time.  It was a blast to visit the Pompeii exhibit and explore the world of an ancient society and then bring it back to class and compare it to that of the ancient Coloradans that we have been learning about.  A special thanks to Jen and Kristen for helping with driving, we couldn’t have done this trip without you.

New Newsletter format  
This week the newsletter looks a little different because this is the launch of our new class website.  I will be posting the letter on our website every week and this format is a little easy to transfer.  The website is and there you can read the newsletter as well as view some pictures of the class, helpful web pages for kids to visit and a look at upcoming events and homework for each week.  It is my goal to keep this up to date, so check back often for current information and if you have anything you think might help to make our site better, send me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do.

Peace Night and Early Release
Next Wednesday will be an early release day so school will be out at 1:00.  Then on Thursday we will be having our annual Peace Night from 5:30-8:00 PM.  Our advising will have a table set up that displays some of our work in writing fables and how Peace can be taught through story telling.  We will also have on display in the commons, 1,000 paper cranes made from recycled paper that were folded by the students and staff of JCOS.  A large majority of those cranes were folded right here in the IA.  There will be some refreshments for sale and all proceeds benefit our school and/or a cause which students have identified as important in their work toward becoming global citizens and making the world a more peaceful place. 

Thanks and have a great weekend,

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